Garrison Cadet College Kohat takes pride in maintaining high standards of discipline, which is essential for fostering the growth and development of  cadets towards responsibility and maturity. Cadets guilty of the following offences are liable to be withdrawn/expelled:-

  • Cheating, stealing and gambling
  • Smoking, intoxication in possession of narcotics.
  • Moral turpitude.
  • Insubordination and insolent attitude towards staff members.
  • Use of unfair means in examinations.
  • Keeping firearms or knives of large size.
  • Wilfully and deliberately damaging college property.
  • Consistent poor performance in academics.
  • Assaulting a fellow cadet or any member of the college staff.
  • Leaving the college premises without permission.
  • Guilty of any act of indiscipline and misconduct.
  • Over staying leave.

Cadets are not permitted to keep the following items, in the Hostel:-

Transistors, video games, mobile phones, electric appliances, personal computer, wireless radio, T.V set, Walkman set, MP-3, 4, 5 etc. In addition, following are not permitted:-

  • Unauthorized medicines/drugs.
  • Extra money and valuables.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Cigarettes, narcotics in any form.
  • Burners, heaters etc.
  • Undesirable printed material.
  • Explosive/combustible material.
  • Musical instruments.