Working Dress


Khaki Shirt and trousers of the Army Pattern, black belt, black shoes, black socks and black beret (cap). Shoulder titles (representing class) and black name plate  are worn by all cadets. Badges of appointments (as prescribed) are also worn by the students holding such appointments. Scarf and plume of the colour of respective houses are worn on ceremonial functions/ occasions. Cadets winning first and second position in the class wear golden ad silver stars respectively on their uniforms.


Pull-over khaki army (officers) pattern is worn by the cadets in winters.

Walk out Dress


White shirt, grey trouser, college tie, black oxford shoes with black socks, Section Commanders / House Captains  wear sash of their respective house colour.


White shirt, grey trousers, college tie, maroon jersey, cherry red blazer, black oxford shoes with black socks.

Prayers and Religious Dress

White shalwar and qameez with black waist-coat, Kohati chappal.

Sports Dress

Sports short, house colour vest, white socks, with white PT Shoes OR college colour track suit with white socks and PT shoes.