Fee Structure

College Dues

Registration Fee          -Rs. 600

Entrance Test Fee       -Rs. 1600

Admission Fee   

Defense Forces              -Rs. 2,000

Government Officials   -Rs. 5,000

Civilians                          -Rs. 10,000

Security (Refundable)

Defence Forces          -Rs. 10,000

Govt Officials              -Rs. 10,000

Civilians                       -Rs. 10,000

Tuition Fee, Boarding, Lodging & Other Charges

                          Defence                      Civilians

1st  Term         Rs. 59006                    Rs. 70599

2nd Term        Rs. 59006                    Rs. 70599

3rd Term         Rs. 59006                   Rs. 70599

Total                Rs. 177018                  Rs. 211797

Payment Schedule:

Fee dues are payable on or before 1st August, 1st December and 1st April each year for 1st, 2nd and 1rd terms respectively. Cadets must clear their accounts before taking college/ board examinations or getting college leaving certificate.

Payment Procedure:

All dues are remitted in the name of “Principal Garrison Cadet College Kohat”. Preferably through bank draft or cash (cheques are not acceptable). Bank drafts should be sent by designation and not by name, and marked PAYEES A/C only.

If dues are not paid within 15 days of the laid down dates, a fine of Rs. 10.00 per day will be imposed for three months. Thereafter the student’s name will be struck off the college rolls. Director Finance will forward bills to the parents well before the due date, thereby enabling them to clear the same in time.

Note: Students are not allowed to keep money more than pocket money issued by the college. Extra money, if held must be deposited with house warden immediately on receipt.

 (Other Expenses)

In addition to the above, following expenses are to be paid by the parents:

  1. Items of uniform.
  2. Pocket money Rs. 200.00 per month
  3. Individual items of sports kit.
  4. Board examination and registration fee.
  5. Extra messing.
  6. Text books and stationery.
  7. Traveling expenses.
  8. CMH charges, in case of non-entitled patients.
  9. College Magazine (Rs. 400/- per annum).
  10. Medical check-up fee of specialist and tests on required basis.
  11. Personal Photo copy/ Prints
  12. Extra ID-Card