Library & College Magazine


The College has a well-organized Library, managed by a trained Librarian who holds Master degree in Library Sciences. Modern educational audio and visual aids are used to make classroom instruction more effective and palatable. The Library is treasured with valuable books on all conceivable subjects. In addition the Library possesses E-Library containing 27,000 books.  The Library is also equipped with a television and VCR/DVD used for showing informative, historical, educational, geographical and cultural movies to the cadets. The College subscribes for leading English and Urdu magazines and Newspapers. These newspapers are available to the cadets both in library as well as in hostels. Every class has specific number of Library periods per week. Nominated classes visit the Library in the prescribed periods and read books, magazines and newspapers of their choice. In addition they are also trained on methods of searching the desired publications/information. The cadets have the facility to draw books of their choice to read during leasure time in the hostels.

College Magazine:

A quality College Magazine “Garrisonian” is published annually. It is compiled and published under an Editorial Board comprising teachers and cadets. Most of the articles for the magazine are contributed by the cadets.