Religion and Ideology

Islamiyat is a compulsory subject for Muslim cadets. The essentials of Islam are taught in the classroom. Religious education in the classroom is supplemented by five time prayers in the College Mosque, for which provision is made in the College daily routine. The Morning Assembly begins with recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by translation in English and Urdu. In spare time, the College Khateeb teaches Nazira of the Holy Quran to those cadets who cannot recite the Holy Quran. Regular Inter-House Qirat and Naat Khawani Competitions are held to provide incentive to the cadets to learn and enhance their skills in Qirat and Naat Khawani. Regular talks and sermons are arranged on Islamic values and ideology of Pakistan in order to make them good Muslims, human beings and patriotic citizens of Pakistan. A complete religious and sectoral harmony is maintained  in the College.