Syllabi For Admission To Class-XI

Note: 1st Year entry test Paper Pattern.

(KPK Text Book Board Peshawar and Punjab Text book Board Lahore)

( A ). The Papers of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be as per following Pattern:

  1.           Max Time: 1Hr,                                Marks:50,                                Syllabus: Only 10th Class
  2.           Section A: 15 MCQs                         Marks 1×15=15                       Time:15 Mints
  3.           Section B: 07 Short Questions    Marks: 7×5=35                       Time:45 Mints

( B ).    The papers of English will be as per the given model Paper:

  1. Write an Essay of about 200 words on any one of the following topics.(16)
  2. Do as directed.(10)
  3. Change the narration of the given sentences.(07)
  4. Change the voice of the given sentences.          (07)
  5. Translate any five of the sentences.                    (10)