Vacation & Breaks

Following long vacation are granted to the cadets:

Summer vacation                   Two months

Spring vacation                       One week

Winter vacation                       One week

In addition, holidays are also granted to the cadets on important occasions e.g Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, and Independence Day etc. Cadets are not allowed to leave the College on weekends. Cadets are only allowed to go home on leave planned by the College. This leave is indicated by the College in the calendar (forecast of events), which is issued to all parents before the start of session. Leave other than planned by the College is not granted except in very exceptional circumstances of genuine nature. No leave is granted for attending a wedding, except the wedding of real brother and sister. Prolonged leave of Umrah & Hajj is also not granted, the cadets overstaying leave are awarded extra drills and are also fined appropriately.