Visitors and Communication

Authorized visitors, parents and guardians are allowed to visit the cadets only on Saturday and Sunday at the following timings:

Saturday                    2:00 P.M till sunset.

Sunday                      Morning till sunset.

The visitors are not allowed to go to the hostels. They are required to report to the duty officer/reception committee who will call the required cadet to meet his visitors. Cadets are not allowed to invite their relatives and guests to the hostel or in any other college building. The parents can stay overnight in the guest rooms.

Telephone & Fax:

The College is equipped with a telephone exchange. All important offices and places of the college campus and hostels are connected with the telephone exchange. Parents may dial any of the following numbers:

College Exchange 0922-9260067-68-69
Fax.Number 0922-9260005
Principal Residence 0922-52133305(After 2pm), 0922-9260010

In addition to PCO facility to cadets, the parents are allowed to ring up their children as per following schedule:

Ayubi & Sina House             

Monday, Tuesday, Saturday-3pm to 10pm

Ghazali & Zangi House

Thursday, Sunday, 3pm to 10pm & 8am to 10am (Sunday)

Kayani House & Jinnah House

Wednesday, Friday-3pm to 10pm

Telephone calls should be brief and to the point in order to avoid wastage of cadets’ valuable time and to provide an opportunity to maximum number of cadets to receive telephone calls. A PCO has also been established in the college premises for cadets to make telephone calls to their parents / relatives.

Note: Calls will not be entertained during prep timings.